Cartel of wall lamp Louis XV



Cartel of gilt bronze applique of Louis VX period of neoclassical style, sign "Causard the royal watchmaker according to the court". Edmé-Jean Causard also bore the title of "King's Favorite Merchant Watchmaker". He also worked for Maréchal de Durasles Marquises de Langeae, Masside, and M. Blondel de Gagny. In 1770, Causard was installed in the Rue Saint Honoré in Paris, the Hotel d'Angleterre.
The springs of the cartel are still original signed and dated "Richard, July 1768.

Etienne-Claude Richard was a manufacturer of springs of watches and clocks established in the rue de la Huchette in Paris between 1754 and 1772. Edmé-Jean Causard always used the spring of Etienne-Claude Richard.