Pendulum clock d'époque Directoire Aux Vestales



Pendulum of the Directoire period representing two bronze vestals of Venetian color, supporting a banquart of gilded bronze; decorated with lambrequins, which is overhung by the mechanism, itself seated on a base in white marble statuary, enhanced by patterns in gilded bronze. At the damping of the pendulum is a Bacchus child in patinated and gilded bronze. The oval-shaped base in Carrara's statutory white marble is decorated with a gilded bronze frieze with a bacchanal theme, inscribed between two busts of women in the style of the antique, framed by gilded bronzes. Arranged on the base, facing the vestals, there are pedestals on which rests a spoon, in the center the great pedestal decorated with the head of rams is surmounted by a flame illustrating the tight fire devoted to love. The vestals mechanism of this pendulum is signed by the watchmaker Lechopie in Paris. Adam Lechopie was installed in Paris, Rue Neuve des Petits Champs from 1772 to 1794, his widow then continued his activities until 1830. A certificate of authenticity is provided with the pendulum.